Thursday 5 April 2007

Dairy Free Easter Eggs 2007

With Easter upon us, traditionally my local Easter Bunny has a tough time finding chocolate treats for me that are dairy free.

He (The Easter Bunny) has found an excellent source of dairy free Easter chocolates from a local Melbourne company called Alpha Confectionery based in Balaclava.

The make a range of Easter chocolate eggs that are free from all animal based ingredients which makes them attractive to vegans also.

You will find very little mention of Alpha on the Net and they are hard to get on the phone. The main stockists are: David Jones, Myer and Chocolate Box stores.
(Easter Bunny tells me that David Jones in Bourke St. had plenty of stock prior to Easter but that another suburban David Jones had very little left a week prior)

Outside of Easter, Alpha sells a range of products including chocolate coated plums and apricots. (which I can't eat due to a sulphur allergy)

Easter Egg Ingredient List:

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa Mass
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Lecithin (322)
  • Vanillin

Note: I have no connection with Alpha other than as a customer who is happy to be able to enjoy a real Easter egg at this time of year.

I also noticed this year that Target had a range of dairy free and nut free Easter eggs as well. These were Simpsons themed (and a few others) which is great for kids with allergies.

The eggs were from Kinnerton, a UK based company and were made in the UK also.

As the packaging says: "dairy free, nut free, and suitable for vegans".

Also check out for details of some other nut free and dairy free items that we did not know about.

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1 comment:

ZM said...

Alpha chocolates are an old favorite of mine, and they seem to be truly dairy-free! We fed some to the Eldest today, and he tolerated them very nicely.

He tolerated being told that he could only have two, less nicely. Shocking, eh?