Tuesday 29 May 2007

Mother Earth Popcorn...Gone

A favorite snack of ours has been Mother Earth Popcorn. Very tasty and with none of the added rubbish that is in many other snack foods.

Lately, though, it has become very hard to find in supermarkets. A visit to their website at www.motherearthfoods.net ominously does not show the popcorn as one of their products!. A quick email was sent and the following reply was received:

"Sadly the Mother Earth popcorn is no longer being manufactured."

Interestingly, Mother Earth is a brand of Cadbury-Schweppes with the products being manufactured in New Zealand. No reason was given for the product withdrawal.

It's a shame that the popcorn is no more. We will miss it.

UPDATE There has been plenty of interest in this blog entry and I am not surprised.
If you would like to enquire/complain yourself, then email:


Friday 25 May 2007

The Impact of a Gluten Free & Dairy Free Diet on Autism

I stumbled upon on interesting article in the Brisbane Times newspaper regarding the impact of a gluten free & dairy free diet on children with Autism, ADHD, asthma & allergies.

Brisbane Times: "A Fresh Approach" Anne Susskind 10 May, 2007

Saturday 19 May 2007

Uncle Rick's available now

At last it is good to see a few of the Uncle Rick's/Patties staples starting to appear in my local Coles supermarket.

I bought Partie Pies, Big Meat Pies and some Sticky Date Puddings all of which are dairy free and appearing to be fructose friendly.

We've also noticed a new section on the Patties website specifically for the new gluten free range from Uncle Rick. The site is new and still needs some work as there is no ingredient lists. See www.patties.com.au/glutenfree/

We hope that lots of people will buy these products and spur them on to extend the product range to include pizza bases and pikelets which we are really missing at our house.