Saturday 19 May 2007

Uncle Rick's available now

At last it is good to see a few of the Uncle Rick's/Patties staples starting to appear in my local Coles supermarket.

I bought Partie Pies, Big Meat Pies and some Sticky Date Puddings all of which are dairy free and appearing to be fructose friendly.

We've also noticed a new section on the Patties website specifically for the new gluten free range from Uncle Rick. The site is new and still needs some work as there is no ingredient lists. See

We hope that lots of people will buy these products and spur them on to extend the product range to include pizza bases and pikelets which we are really missing at our house.

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Anonymous said...

Its great to see Gluton free products from patties Although I dont feel they have the personal touch of Uncle Ricks.(Pies /sausage are very dry to taste) I miss uncle ricks pizza bases and all the goodies (slices etc)that were Fructose friendly.Sometimes fructose malabsorption is over looked as we cannot eat onions lots of tomato and fruit additives.It would be great if products could be made just for us.