Saturday 31 March 2012

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns - Simply Wize

I first tried out the gluten free Hot Cross Buns from Simply Wize back before Easter 2011, and it is great to see them back in 2012. They are simply Yummy.

They have a really nice taste and the texture and balance of fruit and spice is delicious. The buns aren't large but are the perfect size for a quick snack or light breakfast for me.

At the end of Easter 2011 I made a raid on my local Coles and cleaned out all the remaining stock that they had. These 10 or so packets lasted me well into May!
Maybe Simply Wize could make a version of these for the rest of the year???

I have already purchased some of these this year from Sunnybrook. About $4.75 for a pack of 6
You should also be able to find these in the freezer section of your local Coles. (But only if I don't get there first)

I highly recommend these yummy Easter Buns. Have a very Happy Easter.

Simply Wize on the web at:

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Melinda's Heavenly Chocolate Fudge Brownie

You can always find one or two packets of this brownie mix in our pantry.

It is fast and easy to make and is very delicious. The finished brownie doesn't last long in our house.

The box shows that the brownie is gluten free, wheat free and yeast free and the recipe only asks you to supply 2 extra large eggs and 120g of butter.
We like to make a dairy free version of the brownie and the recipe recommends using soya margarine for this. Instead of butter or margarine, we use a quarter of a cup plus two tablespoons of vegetable oil and find that this works well.

Update: Late in 2013, Melindas changed the recipe and combined all the ingredients into one packet. We still make a version that is also dairy free but with an additional step to separate out the chocolate chips.

Making the brownie couldn't be much easier. Our daughter often makes the brownie with only a little help from Mum or Dad.
  1. Sift the brownie mix into a bowl and separate out the chocolate chips.
  2. Melt the chocolate chips from the packet with the butter/oil in the microwave
  3. Add the melted chocolate mix and two lightly beaten eggs
  4. Mix it all together with a big spoon
  5. Pour it into your lined baking tin
  6. Bake
This takes only 10 minutes to mix and 20 minutes to bake (depending on how "fudgy" you like your brownie).

The result is a very addictive brownie. It's hard to stop at one piece.
If you need a gluten and dairy free treat, this is a fast and as delicious as they get. Thanks Melinda's!!

I buy these at our local Woolies or Coles for $5 to $6

See the Melinda's website for ingredients and their other great products.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Patties Gluten Free Lamingtons - New Improved Recipe

I have been a regular consumer of Patties Gluten Free Lamingtons for many years.
On a recent visit to the supermarket, I noticed the addition of "New Improved Recipe" to the packaging.

On tasting the "New Improved Recipe" I was immediately disappointed. In my opinion, the original recipe was perfect and did not need any "improvement". The new recipe is very different and I, sadly, won't be buying them again.

As you can see below, the ingredients list will show the differences.

Original Ingredients:
Sugar, reconstituted egg, strawberry jam [sugar, strawberries (40%), gelling agent (440), acidity regulator (330)]
coconut (9%) [contains preservative (220)], rice flour, starch (maize), water,
margarine [vegetable fats and oils(sunflower, canola, palm), salt, emulsifiers (471, 322 - sunflower), flavour, vitamins (a, d and e)],
cocoa (3%), vanilla flavour, raising agent (500), stabiliser (415).
Contains: Egg

New Ingredients:
Water, Sugar, Strawberry Jam [Sugar, Strawberries, Pectin, Citric acid], Dessicated Coconut (8%) [Coconut, Preservative (220-Sulphites)], Rice Flour, Maize starch,
Margarine [vegetable fats and oils, emulsifiers (322 - Soy, 471), antioxidant (306-Soy), Colours (160b, 100)],
Egg solids, Cocoa (2.5%), Potato starch, Sodium bicarbonate, Fruit fibre, Acidity regulator (450), Thickeners (415, 412), Humectant (420), Emulsifier (471, 475 - Soy), Natural Flavour.
Contains: Egg, Soybean products and added sulphites.

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