Wednesday 28 March 2007

Where is Uncle Rick ?

I have been a customer of Uncle Rick's Wheat Gluten & Dairy Free Bakery for some years. (Ever since it was just at the Berwick location. A bit of a hike for me. Glen Waverley is where I usually visit)
Sad news has arrived over the last few months that Uncle Rick's is no more, having now become part of the Patties group.
Any visits to now redirect to
(There was also an advert in the most recent Coeliac Society publication)
We wish Rick, Rhonda and the whole of the gang all the Very Best with the new venture. (I have no idea if they will still be involved with production at Patties or not)
Some of my favourite Uncle Ricks products are:
  • Pies - The team at Uncle Ricks are very aware of fructose malabsorbtion and some of their pies do NOT contain onion.
  • Pizza Bases (The best around, I think)
  • Pikelets (I should have stocked up on these!!)
  • Lamingtons
I am assuming that the pies will live on at Patties but I am worried about the availability of the other items which are regularly eaten by several members of my family.
Drop us a line at if you have any news on the whereabouts of Uncle Rick and his excellent products.
Note: Again, I have no connection with Uncle Rick's other than as a satisfied customer. (Maybe EX-customer now)

A quick call to Patties found out the following:

  • Rick & crew are still involved and work out of the Patties gluten free facility in Bairnsdale
  • 16th of April will see a national release of 10 products to be made available via Coles.
    (You can find some Patties products in Richies and other independant supermarkets)
The 10 products are:
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Vegie Rolls
  • Lamingtons (Hooray!)
  • Apple Pies
  • Sticky Date Puddings
  • Meat Pies (Hooray again!)
  • Party Pies
  • White Bread
  • Grain Bread
It will be up to each supermarket Manager as to which products they will stock. Ask the Manager if they don't have what you want.
Unfortunately, we weren't aware of Uncle Ricks closing down until after the fact and weren't able to stock up on our favourites. This was disappointing to us.
**Update**: Rick & Rhonda were at the 2011 Irresistible Gluten Free Show.
Keep an eye on what Rick is up to at

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Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for all Coeliac sufferes to learn that the loved Uncle Ricks will now be Patties. Uncle Rick is loved dearly for his taste sensations and variety. I have tried Patties and Uncle Ricks. Sorry to say this but Patties will not be gaining the support of this Coeliac. The food is limited and bland. Hopefully Uncle Rick will be able to shake things at Patties up and produce some of his loved flavours. I wish you luck Uncle Rick in your new endevour and can only hope that Patties standards and variety will improve with your taste sensations. Thanks again Uncle Rick