Monday 11 June 2012

Alpha Confectionery Is Back!

Great news for lovers of Alpha Confectionery chocolates!!

If you are someone who enjoyed the range of gluten, dairy and nut free chocolates produced by Alpha Confectionery but was disappointed to see the products disappear from shelves (and their St. Kilda location close), then this will be great news.

We were recently contacted by the new owner of Alpha Confectionery to let us know that they are back in business!

Alpha has a new location in Moorabbin and production is underway of the:
  • Classic Plums
  • Apricot Royales
  • Flavoured Creams
  • Cooking chocolate.
  • Easter eggs (will be coming soon.)
Distribution is being arranged and we will let you know the stockists on this page soon.

Alpha Confectionery Australia Pty Ltd
14 Capella Crs
Moorabbin, Victoria 3189
Phone  03 9555 0030 (Currently under construction)

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Anonymous said...

I bought a couple of Alpha Classic Plums today and found they are quite ordinary now.. No flavour, no alcohol, just a sugary mess. Chocolate is crap now as well. This is definetely not the same recipie as before.

Anonymous said...

I also bought some Alpha Mint Chocolate Creams from two different venues this week [both supermarket and specialty shop] and found the chocolate very poor indeed - dull and discoloured, as if out in the sun, and many were very sticky and stuck to the wrappers. When I checked their use by date, they were due to expire in 2014.

Very disappointing.

srik said...

rich dark chocolate are yummy