Saturday 7 November 2009

Report: 2009 Irresistible Gluten Free Wheat Free Food Show

Early October, 2009 saw us once again visiting The Irresistible Gluten Free Wheat Free Food Show at Jeffs Shed in Melbourne.

Here are some of our highlights:
  • Coles - Major Sponsor
    It was great to see a major supermarket chain supporting the gluten free community with the largest exhibitor space and for stocking and promoting gluten free products.
    The goodie bag given free to all show attendees included a Gluten Free Recipe booklet from Coles that contains 8 recipes, some of which are egg, dairy and nut free.

  • Kez's Free
    Kez's have an excellent range of treats (biscotti, biscuits and breads) all are gluten free and some are dairy free.
    These are quality products and available at Coles and independent supermarkets. I especially enjoy the Melting Moments and the Cranberry Biscotti (unfortunately I can't get these at Coles so must get them at health food shops) They are pricey which means they aren't something I can have every day.

  • Spring Hill Farm
    is a Victorian business specialising in gluten free treats including:
    • Rocky Road
    • Biscuits
    • Slices
    • Bread Mix
    The bread mix looks interesting as it is wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and soy free, but I am yet to try it out.

  • Melinda's Gluten-free Goodies
    Melinda's have a range of slice, biscuit, muffin and brownie mixes that helpfully include dairy and egg-free options.
    Their latest release (August 2009) is a selection of water crackers, claimed to be Australias first gluten free water cracker.

  • Well and Good - Chocolate Mud Cake Mix
    We first saw this at last years show and couldn't walk past without trying out more of this great cake!!

  • Vitarium
    This show was the first time we had ever seen or heard of this new Australian company with an interesting range of gluten free products:
    • Pancake Mix
    • Fruit Cake Mix
    • Bread Mix
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Gelatine Free Jelly
    • Plain Flour
    • Self Raising Flour
    Unfortunately, the website lacks any ingredient lists. I will have to look out for the products in store to see what they contain.

  • The Pastry Pantry
    The seemingly unstoppable Uncle Rick- Rick Grant was showcasing his latest venture in the gluten free market, ready rolled sheets of pastry in four flavours
    • Savoury Shortcrust
    • Sweet Shortcrust
    • Rough Puff
    • Rich Chocolate Shortcrust
    I have some of these in the freezer and will let you know how they go.
    As we passed Rick we heard several calls to Bring Back Uncle Rick. What do you say Rick??
    *** 2011 Update. Rick Grant is no longer involved with Pastry Pantry ***

  • Naturally Good- Deli Dippers
    These were delicious, crunchy, mini-bread-roll, savoury dippers that are great with dips and wine. (We should know, as we went home with several boxes.)
    The available flavours are:
    • Rosemary & extra virgin olive oil
    • Roasted garlic & herb
    • Sea Salt
    • Cracked Pepper (Website still under construction - November 2009)Website live in Feb 2010

  • Tobie Puttock - Celebrity Cooking Stage
    Once again, we enjoyed watching Tobie cook some great dishes

  • Dr. Bob Anderson- Seminar Theatre
    We listened to an excellent presentation by Dr. Anderson from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute on Why do I feel better on a gluten free diet?
    Dr. Anderson is also the Chairman of the Coeliac Research Fund, which deserves plenty of our support.

Congratulations to the organisers on an excellent show!

Usual disclaimer, we have no connection with any of the producers listed. We look forward to seeing these products on local shelves and to next years show. See you there!

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The Naturally Good site is now live! Yummy I am still thinking about those Deli Dippers :)